Other Drill Rigs

Rotary Blasthole Drill Rigs


The Sandvik range of rotary blasthole drill rigs includes crawler-mounted diesel and electric models, as well as truck-mounted models with outstanding mobility. With powerful traction and everything onboard, all models are completely self-contained and built to very high ergonomic and safety standards. Intended for continuous heavy duty, they are renowned for high productivity, great reliability and low operating costs.




Dimensional Stone Drill Rigs


Sandvik drilling equipment for the dimensional stone industry (DSI) include compact rig assemblies for attachment to carriers such as hydraulic excavators, as well as complete, self-propelled, diesel-powered drill rigs that are completely self-contained. What all our equipment have in common is excellent functionality, semi-automation, high productivity, great reliability and low operating costs.


Underground Drill Rigs


Sandvik underground drill rigs come in five product families: mining jumbos, rock support drill rigs, secondary breaking drill rigs, and tunneling jumbos. Each is specifically designed to suit the particular application in question. Equipped with high-performance hydraulic rock drills, ergonomic controls, and various levels of automatic drilling systems, they are highly productive, extremely reliable, and economical to use. In addition, Sandvik underground drill rigs are characterised by ease of operation and maintenance.