Mag’ Impact® II is a high-performance impactor entirely developed by Magotteaux. It is known for its high throughput, producing materials of high quality, its compact and easy installation in existing or mobile plants and tuning to suit production needs.

It can replace :
- one or more horizontal shaft impactors
- multiple levels of cone crushers
- combinations of cone crushers and shape correctors
- hammer or bar-crushers, etc

Operating principles

Material to be crushed is fed into the impactor through the feed hopper. It falls onto a wear resistant distributor installed in the centre of the rotating table. Each impeller accelerates a part of the particles and drives them toward anvils installed on a peripheral ring. Impellers are high wear resistant pieces providing the aggregates with the requested kinetic energy to break as they hit anvil faces. Different shapes and alloys of anvils (XWIN®) are available to suit with both the type of material and the process. Their geometry is designed to create optimum impact. The crushing ratio mostly depends on the speed of the rotating table.

Main Benefits

- Guaranteed cubicity
- Minimum down and maintenance time
- Low energy consumption
- Reasonable installation and wear cost, even when crushing abrasive materials
- Several combinations available to suit process requirements : Table diameters, impeller and anvil designs, power ratings, crushing ratio etc

Models Capacity
Max Feed Size
Total Weight
Max Rotation
2100 80-150 80 11,0 1480
2400 100-350 130 15,0 1385
2700 200-500 180 18,0 1050