Screens & Components

Classical Woven Mesh


GRILGIRCO: Square grid, costructed from high tensile steel wires, ensuring regular mesh.



PLANDUR: Square grid, costructed from special steel wires (MARTIN) to support strong shocks. Crimped and regular.



PLANGIRCO FLAT TOP: Use of PLANGIRCO FLAT TOP enables between 25 % to 35 % improvement in the screen’s lifetime by comparison with an ordinary crimped screen.



RECTANGULAR MESH: These are used to improve flow on screens where the effective surface is insufficient or in order to reduce the risk of clogging and plugging. There are several types of rectangular mesh. Their length varies from 1.5 to 50 times (or more) the width of the mesh.



WELDED MESH: These screens can be manufactured with square or rectangular mesh with special anti-abrasive steel from mesh sizes of 50 mm upwards.



Anti-Clogging Screens


T: This screen, copied by many others but never rivaled, eliminates plugging (elements wedge in the mesh) and clogging (very fine particles adhering to a screening surface). 



MIXTE GOMME: Alternating crimped and straight wires facilitates de-clogging and de-plugging whilst maintaining high rigidity and wear-resistance levels.



ZIGZAG GOMME: This screen produces excellent results when confronted with heavy clogging. The absence of any contact between the warp wires prevents the agglomeration of fines.



Special Types


Polyurethane and rubber screening media: are generally used when abrasion levels are very high and when particular importance is attached to the lifetime of the product. Our polyurethane plant is equipped with the most modern production facilities and uses the best polymers in order to ensure long serving, high-performance products.



Polymixte Cloths: The large, open area on this system increase the efficient (comparable to steel mesh), whilst ensuring levels of wear-resistance close to those found with polyurethane screens.



Wedge wire screens: made of looped and wedge stamped wired (V-Shaped profiles), they are made for dewatering, drying and filtering.




Rubber Profile: Accessories of NBR hardness 60° Shore that interject between the mesh and the screen’s grate. They acheive better tensioning, while prolonging lifespan.



Fan Spray Nozzles: Constructed from polyurethane, they provide uniform watering of the materials on the screen’s surface.