Rollers, Idlers & Pulleys

We provide belt conveyor rollers designed for smooth rotation, low noise, long service life and great operating economy. Available in a wide range of types, sizes, designs and materials, they can be selected exactly to suit the speed, weight and width of the belt, the properties of the load and the full range of environmental conditions expected.



Idler sets precision-engineered for smooth operation, long service life and great operating economy. Consisting of the base frame and/or brackets complete with the roller or rollers, they are available in a wide range of designs for different placements, troughing angles and functional demands. Sandvik idlers permit great flexibility in conveyor design and can be fitted easily to existing structures.



A wide range of high-quality standard pulleys, together with a comprehensive choice of laggings. For heavy duty and especially demanding applications, we offer specially engineered pulleys, each of which is custom-built to give the best possible performance, service life and operating economy.