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TRIVIOSPASTIROTECHNIKI is located in Athens, with facilities, offices and a factory covering a total area of 5500 m2. It was founded by Argyris Malliaropoulos in 1965, to operate in the field of quarry machinery constructions.Today, having a yearlong experience, it is one of the top companies in the greek market, with sales of machinery and integrated complexes throughout Greece, exports to Cyprus,Africa and Lebanon, and with customers from the largest technical companies, offering solutions easily adaptable to each customer’s needs.

Thanks to its unrivalled technical and constructional infrastructure, the company covers a large variety of machinery, corresponding to all types of rock. Great experience in designing quarry complexes and relative machinery allows the company to undertake the whole design, construction and installation process – always in cooperation with the customer and according each time to the needs of market.

Focusing on the quality of its constructions, the company constantly improves and widens the variety of its products. Acting with great responsibility in the area of customer service, the company offerscontinuous stock of the basic consumables – of high quality always – to cover its customers needs, even in case of emergency. Experienced technical staff are always at the customer’s disposition to discuss every possible suggestions, when repair, upgrade or expansion of machinery or complex is required.

Our production is ISO 9001:2008 certified and our machines have CE.