Conveyor Belts

For every transportation need, for quarry or mine materials (mine or ore), for normal or extreme temperatures (high or low), for dry, liquid or glutinous feed, there is always a suitable type of belt - standard or Chevron among the wide variety of belts we provide. We can deliver your conveyor belt pre-welded, or perform welding and repair operations of every belt type at your premises or site.

TRANSBELT: Transbelt conveyor belts for general use to transport loose and lump materials under typical working conditions.

STEELBELT: Steelbelt conveyor belts for transport of loose and lump materials over long distances and under arduous conditions. Small elongation under load and low transversal stiffness (good adaptibility to conveyor bed) make them suitable for arduous conditions.

SHOCKBELT: The Shockbelt conveyor belts  are produced as the rubber-textile and as the steel-cord conveyor belts with one or more breaker plies. The breaker material is polyamide, polyester, steelcord or aramid. They are more resistant against penetration which can be created by fallen material from unconvenient heights.

FIREBELT V: Firebelt V is a special series of conveyor belts designed to handle combustible materials in underground operation.

FIREBELT K: Firebelt K is a special series of antistatic conveyor belts that are flammable with difficulty. It is specially designed to handle loose and lump materials in fire hazardous locations.

THERMBELT: Thermbelt conveyor belts for general use designed to handle hot lump and bulk materials. It is used for hot materials with temperatures above 60° C.

FROSTBELT: Frostbelt conveyor belts designed to transport bulk and lump materials at very low operating temperatures or to handle frozen materials.

ECOTUBELT: Ecotubelt is a series of hose conveyor belts designed to handle ecologically dangerous materials that can cause severe pollution of the environment and operational area. The principle of conveying of materials capable of transporting materials of maximum lumpiness 30% of the hose diameter.

OILBELT: Oilbelt conveyor belts are designed to handle oily and greasy materials containing non-polar organic solvents and fuel.

CHEMICALBELT: Chemicalbelt conveyor belts are designed to handle materials containing inorganic acids and bases in the working environment with the action of chemical agents.

CROSSBELT: Transport of material in steep conditions, vertical transport of material, horizontal transport, if it is necessary to use a conveyor belt without troughability for the transport of material.

ELEVATORBELT: Elevatorbelt conveyor belts for transport of the materials in vertical conditions.

SLIDEBELT: Slidebelt conveyor belts with rubber cover on one side (upper or lower side of the belt is not covered).

Technical Features for Belt Selection
- Type of textile : P (polyamide), EP (polyester), ST (steel)
- Strength of textile layers : EP400, EP500, EP630 …
- Number of textile layers
- Thickness of cover layers
- Quality of cover materials : Y, W, X
- Width of belt

Provide us with the following information and our experienced technicians will choose the right belt for you :
- Type and size of conveyed material
- Temperature of conveyed material
- Length and elevation of conveyor belt
- Width of belt